Brand & Style Magic
for Wild Women

Darling You Are

Magical Different Blooming Sacred Wild Fierce Brilliant

Empowering Successful Female Entrepreneurs to express their true essence by aligning their Personal Brand & Style with their soul!

Brand & Style Alchemist for Wild Women


Hey, Wild One – I am Lily, your Brand & Style Alchemist! My passion is helping you tap into your innate magic and invoke your Spellbound Personal Brand from within, so you can unappologetically show up in your LIFE & BIZ as the Fierce Badass you ARE! 

Brand & Style Alchemy

Express your soul through your Personal Brand & Style


The Branding process is not just picking fancy colors and
brainstorming about your soul clients.
Branding, after all is a self-discovery quest. A journey within – reconnecting to your purpose, to your magic!

Remembering what makes you – YOU!
Embracing all your quirks and all your edges!
Claiming your power and channel it into your most
magnificent self-expression!

Jaquie Lane

I was so lost about my style and color palette, my shape, what suites ME and what I really LOVE… before… and now I am starting to feel confident about exactly what is in alignment with my unique personal style.

Leigha Lake

“Yes!!!! Totally in love!!! I can feel the high energy and magic! Thank you so much for pulling my essence out and turning it into something beautiful!”

Veronika from Omaya Herbs

Lily, it’s wonderful! I am the biggest fan of your work! Thank you!

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