Hey, Wild One!

I am Lily – Your Brand & Style Alchemist and I am wildly obsessed about helping YOU transform your business and life throught style!

My specialty is to help purpose-driven, wild-hearted female entrepreneurs to invoke their Personal Brand & Style from within, so they can authentically and confidently show up in the world and create the impact and income they desire.

In my work I use a potent blend of ancient alchemy and modern day science, so I can take you from uncertain, frustrated and confused to magnetic, confident and empowered in your outfit choices. 

Perhaps you don’t see how the clothes you wear can fundamentally affect every aspect of your life and your self-expression. As everything else in the Universe clothes are made out of energy and they have the ability to hinder or magnify your magic.

You see… Your style goes way deeper than the clothes you choose to wear

Your style is first and foremost your unique energetic imprint. 
The frequency you emanate from the core of your being. 
The vibration that is true expression of your soul.

The way you cary yourself, the way you stand, the way you smile.
The way your personality shines through.
The way you present yourself.
The way you love yourself and take care of yourself.
The way you show up in your life & business.

And when the clothes you wear are aligned with all that is YOU, all that is TRUE,
then the magic happens…

You become…


You don’t create your Spellbound Style.

⁂ You live it.
≜ You breath it.
☾ You express it.
⇴ You embody it.


And that’s why I am here – to help you ditch the cloak of invisibility and amplify your magic by matching your inner greatness with your outer expression.

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