How wearing a “mask” can help you invoke your true style

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Clothes have deep archetypal meaning of carrying one’s persona.

That’s why in fairytales overcoming a threshold, transformation of the character, initiation of any kind and/or fulfilling the quest are very often tide up with change of clothes or one’s appearance.

That’s why every super hero/heroine wears a costume. Not to hide their identity, but to show the truth that stays hidden under their everyday clothes. To distinguish their true persona from the “mask”they have to wear as “ordinary” people.

That’s why stage actors often rehearse with their costumes to fully immerse themselves in the role.


By wearing “costumes” we often are liberated to show the world our true self.

By “playing roles” we allow ourselves to express what otherwise stays hidden due to fear of rejection, not-acceptance or ridicule.

We can’t really be judged if we are just playing a “role”

Behind the costume our ego release its grip and allows us to fully be who we are, while we just “pretend” to be something we are “not”.

That which stays hidden, because of fear, mind chatter, limiting beliefs and ego, becomes fully expressed in the “costume”!


See, clothes go way deeper than the covers of the latest magazines, the overnight trends and the hype of the modern fashion marketing.

Clothes can take you places (both literally and figuratively), support you energetically and aid in your self-expression in the most magickal way.

Can any and every piece of clothing do that for you?

Of course not! Just the ones that are aligned with your core essence and match you vibrationally. That’s why some women feel great in ball gowns and other in white t-shirt + jeans, yet they all look amazing.
Alignment is key here!

So how to know which style represent you truly?
Which clothes are aligned with your core essence?

Window shop for Halloween costumes and see which one excites you the most? To which one you feel drawn to? Which aspects of your personally want to be expressed through this costume? And why you suppressed them until now?

Honestly, playing a dress up is one of the easiest, funniest ways to find out your true style!


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