How to Embody Your Brand 24/7

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Building and growing a brand is ongoing, never ending process and that’s espesially true when it comes to Personal Branding.

You are your brand 24/7 – online and offline. Truth to be told – you are kind of a walking advertisement of your brand (and yourself)! No pressure, right!

I know it sounds like a lot of work and hell-lot of a stress, but that’s only the case if you are trying to be someone you are not!

If your brand is authentic representation of your TRUE self (which it should be), then all you have to do is to be YOU!

I know that’s easier said than done, so here are some tips that can help you to embody your brand 24/7, without overwhelming yourself to the rooftops:

⧫ Incorporate your brand colors/style in your wardrobe!

⧫ Have a signature piece that represents your brand and captures your essence – handbag, piece of jewelry, scarf, jeans, leather jacket!

⧫ Or even better – develop a brand uniform that will set you apart! I want you to think “Steve Jobs’ turtleneck, blue jeans and sneakers” kind of a thing here. Bonus – you don’t have to worry what to wear every day!

⧫ Always spend some time for self-adormnment, even if it’s just brushing your hair and throwing on some mascara. The sole effort on taking the time for yourself will lift your mood and will make all the difference!

⧫ Don’t be afraid to share your authentic voice on social media!

⧫ Have a signature emoticon, symbol, brand element that you can use in your message on social media.
See this one – ⧫? That’s mine! Also this – ☾! Choose something that has meaning for you and that shows your personality!

⧫ Share your story, hobbies and interests, so people can relate to you. For example, in my opinion cats have to be proclaimed as relationship building blocks: “Oh, you like cats, too! I want to be your friend!”
Here – simple as that!

⧫ Be aware for potential clients everywhere you go!

⧫ Always carry a business card with you!

⧫ Be sure your online and offline personas match!

⧫ Don’t be afraid to hustle, but also alow yourself to go with the flow!

⧫ Stay true to yourself! Don’t stress out! Have fun! You’ve got this!

What you can do today to be more on brand?


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