What Cinderella has to do with your Personal Brand & Style

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If I ask you what Cinderella is all about I guess most of you would say that it is a beautiful love story. Some of you may say that it’s a story about the never-ending battle between good and bad. And some of you may say that it’s a story about the influence family has on our lives.

All those are correct and valid points, but they are just the supporting story lines.
The truth is that Cinderella is a story for self-validation and self-expression. It’s about having the courage to be who you truly are and shining your light regardless what others have to say.

Cinderella didn’t ask for a prince, nor for a dress or a night out as the joke goes… No!
Cinderella was longing to be seen for who she is. She knew there was greatness within her. She knew she had gifts to share with the world. She knew there was much more to life… but she was afraid to go for it!

The rags and the dirt are metaphors for her fears holding her back. Preventing her light to shine through. The evil step mother and step sisters are metaphors for her own limiting beliefs and nagging inner voice, keeping her down.

Until one day… she finally had enough of hiding and playing small. She finally was ready to be seen, to be expressed, to be her authentic self.

The beautiful dress and the glass slippers didn’t change the way she sees herself.
On the contrary… the slippers appeared ONLY when she was READY to express her TRUTH, that was there all along!

The fairy godmother didn’t transform her into something that she is not! The fairy godmother just took what’s within and made it visible to the world!

  • So where are you on your own Cinderella journey?
  • Do you express your truth in your personal brand?
  • Do you shine your light?
  • Do you share your brilliance and your gifts with the world?
  • Do you dare to be seen for your greatness?

Or do you hold back in fear of judgment and prejudice? Hiding your soul under rags and soot? Hoping someday things will be different?

  • If you had enough of hiding!
  • If you are longing to be seen as who you truly are!
  • If you are craving expression in your Personal Brand & Style!
  • If you burst to Bloom Into Your Brilliance, then let’s talk…

Because that’s what my Brand Magic for Wild Women is all about!
It’s not about transformation, it’s about EXPRESSION!
It’s about coming back home to yourself!
It’s about YOU!

My 3-month Luxury Intensive 1:1 Program – HOW TO WEAR YOUR MAGIC  launches soon and I am enrolling ONLY 3 magical women at a time!

If you feel called and want to embark on this journey with me, you can schedule your free discovery call HERE


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