How you can benefit from Luxury Strategy for your Personal Brand

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I’ve been fascinated by Luxury Brands since… forever. Even while I was in the Fashion school, I was mainly interested in haute couture…

However, it never was about the status they bring or the recognition, but about the craftsmanship. For me it’s all about the art and the impeccable quality; the attention to the details that boarders with obsession; the countless hours of hand work and the story they carry. It’s about the magic they spark!

Luxury is about appreciation of the finest things in life. It’s about savoring the moment, while indulging all the senses. The perfect blend of beauty, pleasure, mystery and abundance in a single piece of clothing, jewelry or fragrance.
Luxury is a way of living, but even more is a way of thinking and a way of BEING.

Why I am sharing all this with you?
Because, I’ve been studying luxury brands from business and branding perspective for a while now and I believe that luxury has few aces in her sleeve that you can use in your own Personal Brand.

With the rise of the Feminine and the shift in the paradigm, I just sense that the luxury strategy might be what you are looking for in your business.


Masculine vs. Feminine


The traditional business and marketing usually teaches us the masculine way of doing business. Go out there, hustle, promote, chase!

Luxury brands, however, are expression of the feminine and they stay in their empowered feminine energy.

They don’t sell – they attract by expressing their uniqueness.
They don’t go around chasing customers, offering discounts – they know what they bring to the table.
They don’t explain their values and benefits – they are telling stories of their origin and their craft.
They don’t need to convince anyone that they are the best – they self-validate their existence.
They don’t see competition in other luxury brands – they know that true abundance is limitless.


Pain vs. Pleasure


There are two main motivators, which drive human action – pain and pleasure. It is proven that people are twice as motivated to avoid or alleviate pain as they are to get pleasure.

Hence, all the marketers telling you to focus on the pain points in your copy and how you are fixing the problem. This strategy definitely works – as I said, it’s proven! However, it’s not the only strategy…

The question is, do you want to be a Pain Killer or Pleasure Bearer in your business and brand? There is no right or wrong here, just ask yourself what feels RIGHT for YOU!


Survival vs. Thriving


The reason why the pain factor is so “alluring” is because we were wired for survival for really long time.

But as we know things are changing now. We are shifting to new paradigm. We are recognizing our own power and see ourselves as the creators of our reality. We are rising in consciousness and breaking limitations. We are realizing that abundance is available to us and we are ready to thrive.


Commodity vs. Luxury


Commodity brands satisfy needs. Premium brands satisfy desires. Luxury brands create Universes with mythical stories and satisfy dreams. By now, I am sure that you already saw the pattern here. Luxury brands are tapping to infinite potential, indulgence, self-expression, abundance and thriving. It’s safe to say that they fully mastered the art of Being in the Divine Feminine.

The good news is, that you don’t need to sell diamonds or expensive cars to “qualify” for a luxury strategy. You are a Luxury Brand! You are the Divine Feminine in a human form! Blooming a.k.a. “thriving” is your natural state of being…

So if for any reason the “traditional” ways of business, marketing and branding don’t feel good to you, maybe is time to explore the vast Universe of luxury and the infinite potency is has to offer!



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