The Sacred Archetypal Power of Your Logo

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Your logo is not your brand, yet it’s one of the most significant visuals your brand can have.

Your logo is a statement, promise and mark of recognition. But your logo is much more than that… it’s a symbol! And there lies its sacred power and its magic!

In marketing it is well known that people need to see you at least 7 times before they pay attention to your existence and your offering. Whether it’s add, product or your logo, the goal in advertising is to market often and consistent in order to create brand awareness. This is what I call Awareness Through Repetition. There is nothing wrong with this method. It works and it is part of the game…

But there is also another way! A way that is used by artists, designers, storytellers and creatives. A way that captures the senses and speaks to the soul of the observer. A way that I called Awareness Through Instant Connection!

It’s like falling in love at the first sight! It sweeps you off your feet! It makes you feel something! It makes you remember something long forgotten. Something you can’t even put your finger on, but somehow you know it’s significant!

Something that creates desire, something that ignites your dreams. It consumes you and yet you feel more alive than ever! You feel ecstatic! You feel connected!

And all this happens in less than a second… in the depths of your subconscious mind! You recognize the symbol. You decode the message! You recognize the pattern! You speak the language! You already know what it says even without words… because it speaks to your soul! And that’s all you need!

That, my dear, is the primordial power of the Archetypes! It is also the reason why we are repulsed, indifferent or instantly connected with certain people, brands, places, stories, products… everything, really, in our lives!

*energy also plays huge role here, but Archetypes are the expression of the energy*


So what are the Archetypes?


Those are primordial images, symbols and patterns that reside in the collective unconscious. They transcend time and space and remain constant. We can immediately recognize them (often on subconscious level) and create instant connection.

The way to communicate with the subconscious is through images and symbols. When you use this knowledge in the creation of your Logo (and your brand) you speak to your dream clients on a soul level.

That’s where the miracles begin!

Some call it science, some call it magic!
It’s all the same! It’s all ONE!


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